There was an old man from Peru
Who dreamt he was eating his shoe.
He awoke in a fright
In the middle of the night
And found it was perfectly true.

” In dreams one is not tethered by earthly limitations.”-Gary

“What does that mean?”-Spongebob


This poem is used by Gary(Spongebob’s pet snail) to explain to Spongebob the fantastical power of dreams. Good points are made about dreams through comedy in this episode.  The poem is a funny example of a dream’s powers over our realties. Spongebob finds out in the end of the episode that he shouldn’t be messing with other people’s dreams. Theres something in this, a point can be drawn anywhere from anything, even from a fantastic dream or a random quote, a point can be made.

Political satire is another great example of points being made from two inherently different perspectives. A very serious one, and a playful one in this case. But when comedy and politics mix the kinds of discussions possible change. Take John Stewart’s critiques of Fox News. Fox News’ coverage of events is a regular source of comedy for the show. Lies about poll numbers, and distortions about events to favor one side over the other are exposed frequently on Stewart’s show. One recent episode includes a parody of  a dangerous method of making political connections  based on business alone, in a few steps John discovers that one of the largest News Corp.(Fox’s parent company) stockholders is a possible “terrorism supporter” as labeled by Fox News. Through comedy, new audiences are reached. John’s show reaches to an audience in between people who watch the news for information, and people who watch comedy central for laughs, and in return a new audience is found. As evident by the Colbert Show and the  D.L. Hughley show on CNN, this audience has also grown into an important group of people who find humor in some bad situations. Sometimes refereed to by Fox’s O’Reilly as ” stoned slackers.”

Ideas transcend barriers and labels when one method is used to explain what seems like a completely unrelated subject. In fact, new genres and methods can be created this way. Gothic music came from a surprising mix of soft melancholy synthetic sounds and punk’s angry and abandoned energy. Bauhaus, a band regularly referred to as the pioneers of goth, rejected the label for a long time before finally owning up to it as somewhat of a creation of theirs. Their blend of Jamaican dub music, punk and psychedelic rock came together in a dark cloud of eclectic noise which soon became goth.

In page twenty-four of my English 155 course reader book the author includes an interesting radio broadcast which seems to be from ” the Intergalactic Trust”  in which our planet Earth is studied and our awareness on intellectual disciplines is analyzed. One of the most interesting bits in the interception is when the aliens mention our ignorance of the relationship between love and physics, or science and the arts. We “curiously treat them as separate realms,” there’s more room for discussion about something specific when doing this, but by singling things out what are we missing out on? There are things related to what we study, some more important, some less and some at the same level. When we cross over from one subject to another and find commons between them, a whole new realm of possible discussions can begin. (Spongebob Sleepy Time episde) (John Stewart's discovery of terrorism funding Fox News) (Bauhaus video, Bela Legusi's Dead)
Pg 24 of Course reader, Alien Minds:a midsummer night's dream