A group of people at school today were tabling by Sierra Tower with an image of Obama sporting a propaganda trendy Hitler-mustache. I’m not exactly sure what they were about but it was obvious what they weren’t about, Obama’s fascist agenda. Were these people socialist then? Probably. What the hell was the purpose of this guy telling me ” hey man…lets fire Obama,” I thought to myself. Well lets talk about it I decided, “Why?” The man then went on to describe Obama’s current actions on employment in general as fascist. When asked what specifically what was fascist about Obama’s actions he brought up a plan that his group seemed to be supporting that would drain water from Alaska and bring it to Southern California. The plan is called NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance.  The purpose: to create jobs and make use of tons of apparently unused water. The reason it didnt get done in the sixties: growing concern over the environment, a movement that supporters of NAWAPA call eco-fascism. Fascism because… I don’t really know why, so I read some blogs and texts that supporters have irrigated the internet with.

The estimated cost of making the NAWAPA plan happen is less than the cost of the financial bailout. Fascism is defined as government acting on behalf of corporate interest. In fact, thats exactly who this plan would benefit, land developers. Jobs will no doubt be created, and water will come to Southern California, despite the damage to nature that was not even acknowledged in any of the pro-NAWAPA arguments that I saw.

So why fascism? “Socialism!” must not be a popular fear among college students. Well I believe it’s all  propaganda. When healthcare was being debated on, the word was socialism. Despite the fact that the socialist view runs opposite to the fascist view, Obama was portrayed in posters as a Hitler wearing socialist oxymoron, literally. Well to be fair, the people on campus also mentioned Bush with Obama. I remember being intrigued by “Bush is a Nazi” posters when I was in middle school. I knew for some reason, that I didn’t agree with this man(Bush). After seeing “War Criminal” and “Bush is a Nazi” on posters in the room of someone I respected as an artist somehow i wanted to agree with those views. Thank God I didn’t have the chance to mindlessly go out and rant about nonsense to a news person during a protest I would have known nothing about, because I would have been a Nazi. I would have helped spread propaganda to people without thinking or backing what I was saying. I would have even been a fascist if my words were to have incited hate and violence. I would have been an idiot and a fool if I didn’t back up my analogies with clear reasons as to why Bush was a Nazi. The people who stood at the Sierra Tower yesterday spreading propaganda comparing Hitler to Obama and calling his actions, or rather in-action on NAWAPA, fascist came off as fascist Nazi’s. All they needed was a square mustache.