(REDSTATE red white and blue logo appeals to the conservative right wing patriot fanbase not only because of its use of flag colors but the because of the symbolic red color used for rebublicans.)

For the assignment of writing about two similar websites that express different opinions I picked Dailykos.com and Redstate.com, both biased news and political blog sites, Dailykos.com is left leaning and Redstate.com is right leaning. The first image you see on Dailykos.com is their logo, an artistic background with stencil lettering, the Redstate.com logo is of the U.S. flag, a map of our country all red implying republican strength and bold red and white lettering standing out against the blue and white stars of the flag. Blog titles in the Dailykos.com are a soft yellow/orange against a white background, Redstate.com blogs have black headlines but everything else is red, white or blue. Both however are soft and inviting to the viewer although the blogs themselves aren’t so soft. As far as content goes both blogs attack the opposition side ferociously, one blog about Rush Limbaugh on the left leaning Dailykos.com attacks his personal problem with drugs and ties it to his attacks on health care, “I wonder if Limbaugh has considered that his prescription-drug addiction would qualify as a pre-existing condition in many insurance plans.” Redstate.com refers to Obama’s followers as Obamazoids for some reason. The only difference other than their positions on the political spectrum is the number of comments on Dailykos.com blogs almost always overpowers Redstate.com blogs by over one-hundred percent.

Another interesting couple of websites that also differ politically as far as their bloggers go is Huffingtonpost.com(left leaning) and Politico.com(right leaning). Huffintonpost.com offers many different tabs for different topics, whereas Politico.com is solely a political news site. The politics section at Huffingtonpost.com however very closely resembles that of Politico’s in formatting and most of the content. Both are mostly blue and white with some red now and then which seems to give a feeling of neutrality and patriot pride. The same can be said for the msnbc.msn.com and the foxnews.com sites which are also far apart on the political spectrum.  Both want to seem neutral for credibility reasons but bloggers prove that they go to the news sites because of the way they present the news, which on the website seem neutral but on their anchor’s TV shows are obviously tinged with opinions and lean left or right. The links to their anchors pages on the site show their anchors being less masking of their opinions being literally black and white. Countdown with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC and The O’Reilly Factor With Bill O’Reilly of Fox News both have the blue theme going on but there articles are less dressed up more to the point with black text, white backgrounds and their video of their related news cast. What I found to be true in almost all of the websites was that even if they are pushing different agendas, all want to seem neutral, fair and balanced with the exception of the blog sites which proudly express their ideological affiliations.

The use of the color blue in politics is interesting because research shows that the color blue brings feeling of calmness and serenity. Blue is also preferred by men and is considered to cause productivity.(About Psychology) Perhaps the purpose of blue in politics which can evoke strong emotional burts in some people is to calm them down so that a productive and reasonable discussion or thought can be achieved.











(The Daily Kos Logo is not as political as it is aesthetically soft and pleasing as art which may be part of its appeal.)

(Most websites political websites wear the calm and productive blue as their main eye catching color.)